Enjoy The Thrill Of National Level Horse Riding

Time moves at one constant speed but depending upon our state of mind, it either passes  very slowly or passes very fast, in fact it  gallops.

We, at the Royal College, Barwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand,  are wanting to keep upto that galloping time with sense of  galloping horses, feeling oneness and unanimity with time.

With the dawn of Academic year 2017-18, school is offering its children, adventurous course in Horse Riding  for a cost of  Rs. 20,000/- per annum , .

The course enables the child to muster more courage  and valour.  His confidence soars  not noly in horse  riding but also in  other spheres  of his life. By and large, horse riders bear a distinct personality and stand above the crowd , above the mediocrity. It gives him the sense of royalty. Therefore, the advantages of horse riding far outweigh the miniscule fee that the school would charge.

Sports, as such, is recreating and relaxing exercise for the mind but Horse riding  has a  different  dimension  altogether. The galloping and  the hurdle crossing teach the skills of maneuvering which get imbibed with the character and personality of the person and he learns to cross the hurdles and difficulties in the life  with courage and determination.

With this course, our students in the  Royal College would belong to that rare category of  valourous , confident and royal personalities.

horse riding training in dehradun school
horse riding school dehradun