Acknowledging diversity of minds has lead us to the notion that everyone has different psychologies, adapt to vastly varied learning patterns with their own perceptions and opinions. We here at The Royal College Residential School, Dehradun, train our excellent teachers to discover the potential of every student and work with them at their compatible study plan.

During the first meet with the School authority the student is analysed based on their current academic strength. 

Teachers here at The Royal College Residential School, Dehradun, invest their potential providing the students with one to one attention, revising the same chapter until the basic concepts get cleared, welcoming the doubts of students with compassion, exposing them to practical knowledge, guiding them on every step towards task completion.

The students are under regular observation and then they are also put to tests according to their grasping ability, giving them a positive direction with upgrading remarks for them to never give up academically or in the arena of life.