The Royal College, Residential School Dehradun is offering a highly interactive “School Integrated Program (SIP)” where  brilliant faculty from Kota  provides IIT coaching, NEET coaching and NDA coaching to students of classes 11 and 12 in the boarding School campus.

Mostly, it’s difficult and perplexing for students to carry on dual areas of study because different topics are taught in their regular classes and coaching centres which waste their time and energy.  To combat this situation and help students extract their potential to the fullest, we at The Royal College Residential School have meticulously planned a method where the faculty from  KOTA  would teach topics for IIT, NEET in the School campus  and our School Teachers would help the students in revising, homework completion and clearing doubts on a regular basis.  This will help students to  save  time for leisure activities,  sports, supporting their health and preventing them from getting stressed . This healthy approach will successfully bear fruit in the most appreciable manner.



Que.  Why coaching in School Campus is better  than in coaching  centres?

Ans  The “School Integrated Program” helps students comprehend, practice, memorise and make them do the syllabi in the School Routine Only. Having School classes in morning  and coaching in afternoon waste lots of time and energy. Students do not get time for self study and Sports activities.. 

Que  How will the school integrated program save time ?

Ans  In the School time duration students prepare for IIT,NEET, NDA along with board preparation.

Que  Why boarding School is better for 11 and 12.

Ans  Students get a regulated preparation for IIT , NEET, NDA along  with perfect Sports and leisure activities.  Late night studies with peers under guidance of boarding teachers is always time saver and beneficial.