My Life at The Royal College

For all the times that I tend to have the reminiscence of those good olden days when I was still a juvenile, it only brings back the cherished memories, of the years and months and days that I’ve had in the Royal College boarding school in dehradun, which are as fresh as yesterday. It seems that the clock ticked at pace, and now, here I stand amidst the hustling world, stepping into a new phase of life, not as a loner but with all that I’ve gained in this holy “Temple Of Learning” .

If this place wouldn’t have been itself , undoubting I wouldn’t have been me. It was here that I encountered the most caressing hands always at their best for my upliftment in the aspects starting from academics ending with sports having countless things in the middle.

“Knowledge is good, knowledge with ethics is blissful but knowledge without ethics is dangerous”, is what the Royal College stresses upon. The students here are not merely brimmed up with what books have in them but ,are also inculcated with every moral value that exists on this planet, through morning assembly lectures, discussions between teachers and students, and specially the personal guidance given by the Principal mme. Thoughtfulness of teachers lets them set their pace according to students as everyone has a different brain, carrying its own potential.

How can someone miss on the boarding life, which is a part that our school aces in .It is just another home away from the one we know of, actually better that the latter. The cultural amalgamation is amazing where students come together from distant places, share their views , influence others learn from them. The aura in the hostel can never get you nostalgic about home and all that is due to our principal mme who is our “mother”, never letting us feel low and kindling within our brains the spark to study with tenacity and meticulously for the amelioration of the society.

 The seniors are always taught to selflessly stand for the assistance of the new comers and juniors bolstering them emotionally, academically and any other field that can be thought of.

Talking of sports and games which outstands every other kind of recreation, it is really good to revitalize ourselves after the tough day’s work, and specifically not in ambiguity but under the tutelage of highly trained coaches, ingraining in our bones the tactics and techniques to be a prowess in the sport.

Being a pass out now it feels hard to leave all this- the teachers, batch mates ,also the food,  the set routine and above all get into a new one, unknown and unexperienced, but that’s the way life is , calling upon its survivor to feel the change and be it for the world.