We should be optimistic, we should be positive, yet we should be courageous and bold. We must have faith in ourselves. Any difficulty or rocky situation that we face, should be dealt with a surging confidence. Only those who are shaky, unsure and feebly creep, end up in disaster. One who dares, faces the issues boldly and accepts the challenges, is bound to win. Goddess of fortune, Fortuna, smiles on the brave hearts, not on meeks and cowards. She props those who advance without fear, those who are  confident of themselves and do not doubt self. She likes the risk takers. The risk of appropriate measure.  We may face the temporary setbacks but we should never give up. Perseverance is a sure formula to success. This makes us a hero. A Roman proverb says “ Shalt thou be a hero, thy shalt be crowned with success and glory”.

We need to be up and doing. There is no substitute for hard work. With every odd and stumble, we should get up and  start. We should brace up to face any fate, any situation, any odd, any problem. And we must face it with confident and sure steps, with brave heart. Many luminaries have own their success and fortunes of their life to the difficulties they faced.  Adversity is the mother of Prosperity.  That is the way we can conquer our fate, by pursuing again and again, with perseverance, by still achieving  and rewriting the shape of our destiny.

Battle must be fought before the victory is won. It is unwise to expect a victory without fighting a battle. Let’s look at all the creations of human art, they are the result wondrous perseverance. To achieve  something tangible, we have to be adventurous, imaginative and ready to take risks. If we play  safe, we will be the followers, not the leaders. Courage is victory and timidity is defeat. This has been followed and established , time and again, in house, in the Royal College.

Our will power is the key to our success. Our attitude is then the secret of our power.