I entered  The Royal College in   Std. _VII___ in 2012. Before that,  I was absolutely rustic and raw lad from Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) and crude in my mannerism. I could hardly communicate even in Hindi, leave alone English. My knowledge level in academics was average, to put it mildly.

 Today I am a different personality all together.

The Royal College is not only a school but it is a temple of knowledge. One of the great authors has written that school is a temple and teachers are gods. When I completed my one year in The Royal College, I started believing in that thought and realized its significance because of the perpetual value based education that I got ..

I am a disciplined student. And this discipline which has changed my personality. It has helped me achieve all round growth in my personality. I am a Head Boy of my school because of The Royal College education.. This itself shows the phenomenal growth I have achieved during last six years. This has mainly happened because of my Principal Ma’am. who is one of the kindest and the most humble persons who is devoting her full life for giving education to the students.

Today, I can converse and discuss in English with absolute confidence and deal with all the situations of student’s life. It is the best decision taken by my family that I got admission in The Royal College. I can say and even take a pledge that it was my good luck that I have entered in The Royal  College.

I thank my Director Sir, Principal Ma’am and teachers who have made me one of the best students of this school, made me so confident that I can face any challenge with conviction and stand my ground.

I wish all my colleagues best of luck and my best wishes for all the students of my school  that they also may become Northern Stars to exemplify and  guide others.

 Contributed by

Mohd. Asif

Standard   –  XII