The   Students of The Royal College Dehradun a boarding School got a chance to exhibit their skills of writing and debating on a platform of   World   Scholas Cup held by The University of Yales, USA. There were 450 participants from all the renowned boarding Schools of Mussoorie and Dehradun. Students participated in all events for two days and won 25   medals and earned Laurels to the Royal College Dehradun and their respective Parents.

Students attained vast knowledge and exposure by exchanging their views on the topics Enabling technologies, Mysterious world, Louder than words, Voices from the margins, Neglected histories, on the edge of society and many more. Topics were searched from net and library with great efforts and dedication. Along with the daily strict routine and syllabus of CBSE in The Royal College students submitted themselves whole heartedly to prepare for the competition.   A great wow to the students and Teachers of the Royal College Dehradun as they all prepared and worked as a team to achieve success.

The Royal College students excel in every sphere of the life due to their dedication and honest hard work under guidance of motivating mentors. They are always  trained to achieve their goals with honesty ,maintaining their ethics and being the best human being. The Royal College Dehradun is preparing them for the future hardships and inculcating all moral values in them.