The Royal College is a blend of its own, distinct in emphasis, distinct in nurturing the young ones to the glory of mankind.

Life at the Royal College is one of curious learning, attempting to practice on those learning’s. The students create shield against the fear of failure and keep attempting till they succeed. During morning exercises, students perform Yoga which enables them to concentrate better. Resultantly, learning becomes a fun. Additionally, the teachers teach with empathy but more important is the exercise to cultivate empathic listening in the students. Affective empathy representing emotional or sentimental aspect of humanity is imbibed to make them effective learners, effective executors and effective contributors of the society.    

At the Royal College, the  students, in the morning assembly or otherwise, are taught to learn, understand and  recite the Mantras with absolute dedication and devotion which energizes  them into the positive vision for taking long hauls of challenges. They learn to see the life in its true sense, more of giving than taking. Stepping aside the normal routine, The Royal College periodically conducts the spiritual events like Gayatri Yagya  and Hanuman Chalisa Pathh to purify,  rejuvenate and condition the environment to generate the positive energy that would influence the learning minds for building up the constructive skills and personality traits. .  

Discipline is a core ingredient for the Royal’s life. When  the student takes up the line of discipline, the actions those follow are full of enthusiasm, energized and reenergized, filled with sensitivity for right and wrong, enshrining their daily life with self-respect and respect for the teachers, elders, colleagues and others. Inclusive discipline or restorative discipline is an indelible value that is preserved to look at the disciplinary angle of the students’ behavior. The quiet , tolerant, forbearing and empathic view is taken of the students’ undesirable action to instill into him, a sense of propriety, morality of a just reasoning which helps him recover from the stigmatic characteristics.

The life style of seniors and junior students embodies great synergy, where the “mirroring” effect of the activities of the senior students beholds the juniors as  watching them perform open their brains to perform that action being done by the seniors and thus  their mind  making it simpler to tread the way to the glory of learning.. They are motivated by the examples set by the seniors. Juniors make them their idols and walk their way. This happens not only in the classes and the play ground, but also in Dining halls.  Many children with taboos for different items on the menu, learn to eat the sumptuous, nutritious vegetarian food and relish it over short span of time path.

The Royal College is surrounded by  the Himalayan Range and has its majestic influence  of divinity , serenity and nature’s values on the minds of the students to mellow them down to humility, politeness  like a sponge absorbing the nectar of  values and knowledge. 

The richness of monetary gains for the student ,at the end of academics, is a subsequent development cobwebbed into different situations and settings but as the student completes his tenure in the Royal College, he has attained the royalty of a true descendent  of  mankind,  kind and sensitive to others, a noble citizen.