Welcome to the New Academic Year 2018-19. We set our foot in the new year with futuristic view and with grate expectancy. We are all full of hopes for being good performers.

However, before I proceed to discuss the subject in details, I particularly wish  to welcome New brothers and sisters who have entered this temple of learning, The  Royal  College. Here, A word of wisdom to them, may not be out of place.

My dear newly arrived Royales,  some of you must have got a previous experience of Boarding Life where as for some this might be a brand new experience. I would like tell all those that you need to cultivate the patience. It is like eating sugarcane. First we need to peel the hard covering which is not very pleasant but once we start eating and juicing the sugarcane , the experience is wonderful. In the beginning we may feel uneasy, but never mind, have patience. You will soon find yourself getting mingled in The Royal College culture. It’s a nest which gives us warmth but we experience that warmth with the passage of time.

Switching back to the topic, let us understand that it’s the hard work which will take us to our goal. Hard work  has two forms, one a real hard work and another pretending to do the hard work. Real Hard work comes out of Honesty and Sincerity. We need to be honest to ourselves. Only an honest person can have a courage to stand up to any situation, be that studies, be that profession, be that family matter, be that a difficult situation. Be honest to yourself , be honest to your teacher, be honest to your parents.

Discipline is a backbone of personality development or for that matter any development or homogenous working. If we want to grow in all-round parameters of development then discipline is a core factor. Nothing works without discipline. The sun, The moon, The earth and even whole of the galaxy moves with the discipline. The sun never decides to rise in the middle of winter night. The earth does not say “ I will not revolve around myself today”. So also tree grows towards the sky and does not go reverse into the earth.

Friends, we should be disciplined and a disciplined man will always be a good human being and automatically a  successful person. Success is a path not a destination. We should do our best, I repeat, do the best , Success will follow.

 Discipline, Honesty, Sincerity, Hard work, and Perseverance are the Panchratnas of a good human being.  Let us adore them, ware them by imbibing those into us.

 Thank you and have a nice day.