One of the greatest destructions to life has imprinted itself on history. Amidst all this, taking students back to offline learning is held in amassed anticipation. We here at The Royal College Residential School, Dehradun, prioritize safest learning which roots down to the out-of-the-way setting of the School , harnessing environmental hygiene with already zero number of detected covid cases in the local area and smaller student body. Social distancing is in fully fledged operation in the classrooms, dining halls, boarding houses and the sports field. Sanitizers are dotted all over the campus. Covid report and temperature checks are done prior to 

The thoughtful authorities of The Royal College Residential School, Dehradun believe in getting students back in form considering all aspects like academics being first on the list, mental and emotional health, social interaction in a secure and productive manner. We assure the parents of their child’s hundred percent knowledge gain in the safest way possible to continue the legacy of the best result. The Royales pray for the human race to have a healthy and safe future.