Respect is a word, the true meaning of which is unclear to the most young generation lads of today.

They greet a teacher “guten tag” meaning “wish you well” and as that teacher turns the back, the students do not mind making fun of him.. Merely, greeting a teacher and bowing is not a respect. It has to  originate from deep down the heart, as that respect makes the relationship of the teacher- student, strong and sustainable.

It takes two to build this relationship to respect. Respect begets respect.

The teacher has to carry himself  /  herself, as a dignified teacher would do.  One has to remember teacher is a giver and keeps imparting the treasure of knowledge unbiased.

But at the altar is the student who has to rise above the malaise, poor taste of sadistic pleasure of jeering and even narrow personality cult. He has to first respect himself. Then he has to generate an ardent desire to learn. Only a true learner will look for a teacher, a guru and take what best he is giving.

Respect gets generated as reflection of emotional  reverence to the values we see in another person. We define the reverence to another person with the level of respect we attribute to his values. That is  the reason why although, we respect many people in our life, we don’t respect them all, the same way. Respect for our parents differs in  intensity and degree as compared to the respect we may have for other members of the family. Sometimes grand-parents earn more respect than even the parents.

Similarly, respect for the teachers has its own degree and a students does not respect all the teachers the same way. It is because of the values he attributes to the individual teacher. Whereas there are some awe inspiring personalities and generate respect out of their commitment for values and passion for teaching and they earn a great respect of of students at large. However,,  there are others who may not earn the same degree of respect for lack of their compassion and dispassionate attitude  to their teaching profession.

All the same, it is obligatory that every student must respect and obey his/ her own parents and teachers. They are the torch-bearers and show us the way through the knowledge they impart to us. Therefore, all the teachers, in whichever manner and form they teach, they impart the knowledge to us and thus, it is obligatory and even mandatory on our part, to respect them.