This century dawned with two most vulnerable terminologies, Environment and Internet, representing human physical existence and human cultural existence respectively.

Keeping in mind the significance of these issues, The Royal College, Dehradun right at the inception, has taken ardent care to protect its students from the impacts of the two.

Campus Location :    The School campus is located away from the hub-hub of the modern civilization giving a benefit of solitude and peace. The school believes that the students of the school should be kept away from the divisionary forces like fashions, trends and craze in such avenues as clothing, hair styling, bikes etc.

Healthy Surrounding :  The Royal College campus is encompassed by lush green trees with pleasant landscape giving pure and serene environment, enabling the wandering minds to focus to the purpose. The divinity of the surrounding nature gives impetus to the positive thinking, with continuous training of mind, which is achieved under the guidance of the able teachers of the Royal college, 

Electronic Media Gadgets  The School, the  Royal College, does not permit mobiles, laptops or any other electronic gadgets which form the main obstacle in helping the students focus. The prohibition  walls the students from the ills of mobiles, Internet addiction and abuse of face book and the likes. The Royal College firmly  believes that mobiles are the biggest diversion for the young minds and therefore do not merit its usage in spite of some of its benefits.

Healthy Mind :  The location of the campus of the Royal College  is at the foot of  the Himalayas, the  Shivalik range, offering most panoramic view which helps generate positivity in the young minds. Yoga with a fresh dew around, with freshness of the mornings,  gives tremendous impetus and boost to these minds to concentrate on the objectives. The philosophy of the Royal College is that almost all minds have an equal potential to  absorb. What makes the   difference is the degree of concentration one applies.                          

            Hygiene : At the Royal College, the students are taught the significance of hygiene and how it affects their  state of mind.  They are checked and imbibed with a culture to check the observance of hygiene at all stages such as washing hands before drinking water and taking meals,  and even to check the glass in which they drink water or plate in which they take the meals. Their living condition is maintained at the most hygienic level and they are dribbled to adhere to standards of hygiene with self, and the surrounding. This ensures the overall health standard at the Royal College, at a sound level giving the  opportunity to follow vigorously  their objective of concentrating on the studies and extracurricular activities.