A child at The Royal College is the most precious jewel in the crown of Goddess Saraswati. It is  child who becomes father of  man, through his spell-bound creativity. At The  Royal College,  we believe that the feeling of security amongst the students, is a fundamental parameter for freedom to think and  learn,  the stress-free freedom, leading to confidence and creativity.

We have a chain of security measures to monitor the welfare and the movement of the child. Our teachers are imbibed with the values of caution, care and compassion and thus some pair of eyes is always following the child wherever that child is moving.

Out-Passes are provided for the children moving out of the class. One child at a time is allowed to go out of the class, that too, with a time-monitoring process.

The Royal College has the classes from Nursery to Std. XII, but the welfare of the children upto Std. V is  slotted at the highest level. Up to Std. II, the child is not allowed to move without a maid escort and Std III to V,  the children move under the strict vigilance.

The Principal Ma’am of The Royal  College takes personal care and monitors ,on a continuous basis, the working of the security and vigilance system . This prevents the lopsidedness or loopholes that might occur in the process.

Besides, the teachers , at The Royal College, are also tuned and trained to take care of emotional sanctity

Of the children, children coming from distressed background , in particular, are provided the support of kindness, compassion and understanding, to bring them to the main stream.

At The Royal College, we consider that the physical security and emotional security go hand in hand and as such, treated at par. Therefore, all of our students are kindled with the hand of homely touch, hand of affection, to bring out best within them.