Spring had just gone into hiding and the Summer Sun rose to show its red eyes, that is when, in the Royal College, there was a display of skill, craftsmanship, artisanship, and modern science.

It’s a monumental rhetoric of the children’s motivation of the Royal College. Their effort  coupled with sagely guidance of the teachers created a very interesting, adventurous and knowledgeable depiction of stupendous depth of their understanding. It was not only that their deeds were on display but their height of ability, intensity of confidence, and depth of the skill of presentation also.

 At The Royal College, the exhibition was  divided into three major segments, one representing junior section in which more art of artisanship and craftsmanship was projected. How the little brains imagine and conceptualize unthinkable was brought out in the display.

 The second segment was of the middle and high school. Here, Science played a dominant role with Robotics and Biological presentations, displaying deep understanding of the Royal College students. Their astounding comprehension of the intricate subject like Robotics was a matter of awe for the visitors to the exhibition.

The third segment was of senior students who presented the projects on Economics with specific reference to the Indian Economy  and also on Physical Education. Contemporary topics of National interest caught the  imagination of the visiting guests.

At the outset, there were the declamation speeches as to how and why hard work, kindness and simplicity of life are so important for leading a successful and happy life The speeches depicted the deep rooted philosophy of the Royal College in putting Values vi-a-vis Academics . There  was also a blood-check camp and students checked the blood of select visiting guests to identify their blood group.

The event at the Royal college  carried a great sense of euphoria and taught the students the leadership qualities, team spirit, essentials and execution of planning, Time scheduling, helping attitude, and above all , kindness.