At The Royal College, Girls boarding school in dehradun, we celebrate sports day to coincide with anniversaries of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and Lal bahdur Shastri. What could be a better way to celebrate the sportsman spirit of  the Sports Day  on such an occasion, The Children’s Day. It was Chaired by the Chairman of the school .

With a welcome note, the tone was set for a warm meet and all the participants displayed high spirits and sense of expectancy for the ensuing events.

All varieties of events took place on the Sports Day which included Hundred Meter Sprint Races, Two Hundred Meter Sprint Race, Four Hundred meter race, One Thousand Meter Race  and One and half Kilometer Race. Participants had already qualified in heat races  and therefore the races were participated by top class runners who made the nail-biting finishes.  Both , boys’ events and girls’ events were equally intense and full of vigour.      

The Athletic Beat was also held and here too, both boys and girls dispayed their skillful techniques without gullible overtures. Shot Put and Javelin throw were the events of great outpouring emotions  and necks curved along the thrown object to end up in cheers or disappointment..

The day was concluded with a sumptuous lunch enjoyed by all to the content of heart.