The year 2012 was that year which has brought a  great change in my life or  should I say, a turning point of my life. That is the year  I entered The Royal College. I was not knowing simple mathematics. I was very poor in English and usually spoke in chaste Hariyanvi.

This school, The Royal College, has provided me a wide platform to learn and explore myself. With highly respectable and respecting teachers and helpful colleagues and above all our caring mother-like Principal , I have built a strong desire to learn and explore.

Although, at the beginning of my boarding life, I was skeptical but as the time passed, I found it worth while and a blessing as my all round growth in last six years has been very much satisfactory not only to me but also to my parents. Here we not only get subject knowledge but  our hard working teachers also provide us with courage and will through value education.

Although, we are following universal western educational system, yet, this school, The Royal College, also provides the atmosphere of ancient Indian “Gurukul”. It is a true temple of learning.

A wall poster in my Principal Ma’am’s office reads “ A student can not make a mistake to identify a good teacher”. She works with and on the students 24 hours a day – so to say – to improve every aspect of the student i.e. study, discipline, sports and confidence building through different activities.

Today, I am equipped with all those qualities which are required to become a good person. Earlier, I was naughty and undisciplined and truly dumb. But today, I stand firm on my ground, like a knowledgeable, disciplined, and confident soldier. It proves that “ Every diamond is not a diamond when it is mined out”.

I am the polished and shining one, came out of this ‘Gurukul’

Abhinav Chautala