The Royal College presents summation of annual activities every year, in the form of cultural presentation on the Annual Day.   This 23rd of December, 2015, school children made a presentation to the guests who attended the august occasion. The Chief Guest , Hon. Pritam Singh Ji, Home Minister, Gov’t of Uttarakhand graced and blessed the occasion.

The programme started with lighting of lamp. The lamp, which shows light, is synonymous to education as education shows light to man in the darkness of ignorance.

The Principal of school, Dr. B.K.Issar welcomed the guests and presented annual report of the Royal College, Dehradun. To sum up her report, The Royal College has clung to the roots of old norms and tradition and still boasts of the virtues and hence, the value education, particularly in this age of perversion caused by Internet. She also spoke about excellence achieved by the students of the school in International Competitions and endeavor to make them intellectually superior and ethically stronger as great human beings.

The presentations by tiny tots, the young ones from Nursery to Second standard and then Third standard to Sixth standard were all round acclaimed as outstanding and contributory to the development of the children. Dance presentations were highly cohesive and synchronized expressing the discipline of mind and body, alertness, rhythmic bend and above all the stage-courage in presentation.

Another presentation of great appreciation was Declamation by various Junior and Senior classes. It showed the quality being imbibed by this school, in our students, of values, academics, oration skills eradicating the stage phobia, all leading to personality development.

The Chief Guest, Hon. Pritam Singh Ji was all praise for the school’s endeavor in building the bright future of the children. He claimed that the effort put up by the Royal college in the backward area of the state was most exemplary. His praise and honour for the children, participating in declamation was most gratifying. He was specific to mention their way of expression, their accent and the delivery which he said, showed the deep rooted teachings and training and expressed his gratitude to the school management.

The Chairman, Mr. Shiv Kumar Munshan profusely thanked the chief guest and praised his and his family’s contribution to the region as unique. He assured the parents that unrelenting efforts will be kept up to attain higher standards in educating the children.

Other attractions of the occasion were Karate presentation and dance by the senior boys in the form of folk dance. The Jaunsary dance representing the aspirationof the mountain region and ever enjoyable and throbbing Bhangra took the guests by rhythm.

The star presentation of the occasion was the English play ________of Shakespeare. It staged thirty five strong artists to play the varied roles and could not restrain from clapping over and again. The play again represented the educational depth and veracity of great developmental ethos followed by the school. The roles brought out the genuinely depicted characters, however intricate and complex.

There was a moment of great emotion for those who had distinguished themselves to win awards in form of trophies and citation certificates. It went to emphasize that we are not merely named Royal but we in deeds too, in education and development, are the royal, of the highest quality. Our faith in excellence is invincible, however difficult the path may be.

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