Trekking and Rappelling

The Royales of the Royal College, Dehradun, went into an adventure mode on 14th of  February, 2016.

Boys of all the boarding houses  were excited for the adventure .  All the Boys  from std. VII  to Std. XII went into a joyous bout of adventure as they left the school at 10 in the morning and headed  to Khodri, Sahastradhara , at the base of lesser Himalayas named  Shivalik, Dehradun..  The object being Rappelling from one of the steep ends of appx. 120 ft. depth to the base. School has made best arrangement for students keeping their safety at priority.

The boys crossed a tributary of  the river Yamuna which in itself gave a sense of best adventure as they crossed making a chain of them. As they reached the designated place, the leader with four co-participants went up the hill and tied secure the climb-down rope along with a safety rope. The climb-down rope was dropped down in the cliff with the help of which the participants had to climb down. One by one the students climbed the hill. Each participant wore the kit consisting of  gloves, metons, carabiners, harness and descender  and was briefed about its usage and  under the able guidance of the leader, they all descended with great enthusiasm.

The moments of  actual Rappelling were full of ecstasy and at times of agony too but the joy of the experience was so stupendous,  even the aberration of hesitation and grave moments in smooth rappelling had no impact whatsoever on the participants morale and everybody seemed to be in valiant mood to taste the thunder of great moments.

First the seniors took their turn so that the juniors of   7th and 8th class students could be spirited to prepare themselves to take to the rope  and they all did it so vibrantly.

All the boys had a sumptuous lunch, albeit late, and returned to the destination, their School  The Royal college, Dehradun, by evening.