It is a time for all of us to cherish all those lovely moments which were doled out by the passing year.The parents  have been all supportive in school’s endeavor to attain greater heights in academics, infrastructure and supportive activities and The Royal College remains thankful to them. We also make a prayer of thanks to the  Lord who has helped and guided us to reach this far and that He may keep us blessed. 

A New Year is matter of revelry ,  rejoicing and above all it holds out  hopes. Hope is the biggest arm extended by the Time to which man clings even in unfavorable conditions. Hopes can be converted into the achievements when our resolutions are bound by honesty, endeavor, courage and  perseverance. At  The Royal College students are taught that Resolutions are a very important tool  as it sets the goals.

The year passed by, has gone down the memory lane with pleasant and not so pleasant happenings, achievements, but let by gone be bygone.  We should learn lessons from the past defaults for the  success today.  Without worrying for the future and taking cue from the past, we must act today, in the right direction to the set goals.  At the Royal College, the students are always  aware of the importance of today than yesterday or tomorrow.

 For us to stick to the resolution, it has to be aligned to our core values. In the  absence of this, we make resolutions only to break them. That’s why most people can not stick to their New Year resolutions. We must connect our resolutions to those things which give us a deeper sense of purpose and objective and that will compel us not to think small or play safe but to dig deeper and stay the course when the going gets tough. Remember, when the going gets tough , the tough gets going. For this we need to narrow our efforts that is focus our efforts and set up for success with one goal at one time.  The Royal college students are trained to take measured risks and get tougher for tougher times.

And, when you succeed, celebrate your success. Each  time we reach a milestone, we must acknowledge the achievements in a positive way. Celebrating our success will keep us focused on to the larger goal.

Students at The Royal college are privileged to have a most ardent, inspiring and eminent guiding star, the Principal Ma’am, who keeps the students guided on their strenuous path to attain their best.

The Management of The Royal College greets the readers a happy and successful year and School will put in all possible endeavor to make ensuing year and the coming years happier.