Sr. Name Qualification Experience
1. Dr. B.K. Issar(PRINCIPAL) M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D, B.Ed., Double Gold Medalist, One Gold medal by Shri K.R. Narayan President of India, One by Dr.ManmohanSingh. Research paper at National & International Level. Did Ph.D with Dr. G.B. Singh , Agriculture Commissionery Govt. of India. 18 Years
2. Ms. Puja Gupta M.A. English, B.Ed.Schooling from C.J.M., Dehradun. 15 Years
3. Mr. Ankan Goswami Phd. IIT Delhi on AI 5 Years
4 Mr. Swapnil Malhotra B.Com Gold Medelist, M.Com Gold Medelist, B.Ed. Gold Medelist 8 Year
5. Ms.Shivani M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed., Diploma in Computers. 6 Years
6. Mr. Avinash Mishra M.Tech Electronics 3 Years
7. Mr.Dashrath Joshi M.Com., B.Ed. 6 Years
8. Ms. Suman Diwide M.A. English, M.A. Hindi, B.Ed., pursuing Ph.D. 3 Years
9. Mrs. Geeta Belwal M.A. Maths Hons., B.Ed. 13 Years
10. Miss Kamaljeet B.Sc., B.Ed. Ambala 2 Years
11. Mrs. Lalita Negi M.A. Hindi, NTT, NCC, B.Ed. Delhi University 6 Years
12. Ms. Vibhati Gupta B.A., B.Ed., pursuing MBA, schooling at Touchwood, Dehradun. 6 Years
13. Ms. Richa Garg M. Com, MBA, 3 books published (Macroeconomics, Entrepreneurship Development, Foreign Exchange Management) 3 Years
14. Ms. Akshima Verma M.A. Eng., B.Ed.  
15. Ms. Nustrat Fatima B. Com, NTT, B.Ed.  
16. Mr. Islam B.Ped, Blackbelt in Martial art.  
17. Miss Vishvajeet Kaur M.Sc., B.Ed.  
18. Ms. Pooja Tomar M.Sc., B.Ed.  
19. Ms. Neeru Mandiya B.Sc., DoEACC’O’ level,DoEACC’A’level,N.S.S., Diploma in ADCA.  
20. Ms. Purnima M.A. Music, Prabhakar Blackbelt in Martial Art.  
21. Ms.Hemu Thapa B.Com., N.T.T., Diploma at Air Hostess  
22. Mr. Sanjeev Blackbelt in Martial Art.  
23. Mr. Rinku Sastri M.A. Engliah, B.Ed. Delhi  
24. Ms. Amandeep Kaur B. Tech IT, MBA from Punjab  
25. Ms. Manjeet M.A. English, LLB Ambala  
26. Mr. Neeraj B. Com, B.Ped  
27. Mr. Ram Gandhi M.A. English, from Bombay, Worked abroad 25 Year  
28. Ms. Jaya B.A Theater, Calcutta  
29. Ms. Monika Sharma, B.Ed  
30. Ms. Monika Rawat M.A. B.Ed.  
31. Mr. John M.A. Music  
32. Mr. Ajay Sharma Cricket Coach from Allahabad Acted as coach of Ishvar Pandey, Tanmay Shrivastav. He took training with Rahul Dravid, Piyush Chawla, Md. Kaif  
33. Mr. Amar Singh Volleyball Coach  
34. Mr. Sachin Dance Teacher From Mumbai  
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