The Royal College is an endeavor to provide education and to spread the light of awareness. Our main emphasis is on physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual development of the Child to the fullest possible extent. We are training children in such a way that they should learn to apportion their time and energy to the greatest advantage.

The Royal College Residential Boarding Schools In Dehradun is committed to imparting  quality education at par with International Standards using latest teaching aids making our students intellectually superior and ethically stronger, who in turn, shall improve the quality of human life. In this fast changing world, the values which were considered precious are fast fading from the scenario but The Royal College still clung tenaciously to the roots of the old norms and traditions and does still  boast  of these virtues .

The mission of shaping  the destiny of  young ones is in the hands of the teachers. They give  unstintingly their full time ,  mind, heart and soul to defining the future of that child who is not their own and yet their own. Our School  teachers are synchronized with the paradigm shift of teaching and learning programmes. They understand very well that teaching is not merely a means to enforce an information overload but it is imperative to make students adapt and understand real time situations so that they can face future smartly.

The School aims at producing men and women of sound , redoubtable character and upright conduct who seek success in life by Striving for Excellence, are conscientious and capable of acting as leaders of their field of activity. All the students who pass through our hands have to be good human beings, have a healthy respect for their teachers and all elders and above all, be able to stand out in crowd for their outstanding qualities.

Dr. B.K.Issar , Principal
M.Sc, M.Phil., Ph.D
(Double Gold Medalist)
For any queries regarding admission process and other details about the school
please contact at +91-9634058777 | 9639645777

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