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  1. Students are answerable to College authorities for their conduct.
  2. A student shall render him/herself liable for action for any damage, whatsoever, to the College properties. Strict disciplinary measures will be taken against such offenders. Parents have to bear expenses for repair/replacement etc.
  3. The Principal reserves the right to terminate the membership of a student for an act of indiscipline.
  4. Parents are expected to co-operate with the College authorities making their children understand that a well ordered and disciplined way of life is as important at home as it is in College.
  5. Dress code shall be strictly followed:
    1. Boys should have proper haircut (army cut) as advised the college authorities.
    2. Girls are not allowed to apply nail polish, mehndi, bracelets. They shall not come to the College with open hair/ pony tails/ colored bands. Only white hair elastics are allowed.
  6. If any student is absent from College, leave application must be submitted to the Principal. If absence due to illness lasts more than 1 day, the application of leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate issued by a registered doctor. Any other urgent leave should be with prior permission from the Principal. Parents are advised not to ask for leave to attend various ceremonies etc. as it adversely affects a student’s performance in academics. Absence without proper leave shall lead to termination of membership of student from School. Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal.
  7. In case of any dispute, decision of Principal will be honored.
  8. All notices of withdrawal should be given 6 months in advance by parents or else the fee for following six months will be charged.
  9. No transfer certificate is issued until all dues to the School are paid.
  10. In order to get promotion to the next class, a student must score at least 40% in every subject.
  11. Parents are welcome to visit the School- discuss any problem with Principal between 10 am and 11 am by prior appointment. They are not allowed to interview teachers.
  12. All fee installments are to be paid strictly as scheduled. The schedule of fee is:
    Installment I        Up to April, 10                    For First Term
    Installment II       Up to October, 10              For Second Term
  13. In cases of monthly payments for day boarders (with special permission) fee should be paid by 05 of every month. After due date, a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged. At the end of the month student’s name might be struck off form School Rolls and student may be readmitted at discretion of Principal on payment of all arrears and fresh admission fee.
  14. No fee is refundable in any case.
  15. Despite every care that is taken The Royal College will not be, in any way, held responsible for any miss happening that a child might face.
  16. Parents shall have to abide by rules framed and amended by College authorities from time to time.

I solemnly declare that I agree to abide by the rules and regulation of the School.


Position: Residential Teacher for Primary Section

  • PRT
  • Computer Teacher (Female)
  • PGT Accounts & Economics
  • PGT Chemistry
  • PRT English
  • PGT Physical Education

Candidate Profile:

  • Candidates should possess excellent communication skills.
  • Should be Hardworking, Dedicated, Caring

Email you detail resume at principal@royalcollege.in.

For any queries regarding admission process and other details about the school
please contact at +91-9634058777 | 9639645777

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