Ques. What are advantages of studying in a boarding School?

Ans: Children at good boarding schools become self disciplined, focused, more exposed to wider range of physical activities, develop social interactive skills and respect for all cultures.

Ques. What core values must be developed in boarding school students?


  • Service.
  • Achievement
  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Persistence.

Ques. Can a Art & Commerce student apply for NDA?

Ans: Yes, you can apply for the NDA Exam from any stream but only in army wing, not for Airforce & Navy wings. But in any case, you have to clear the maths written exam of 300 marks conducted by UPSC.

Ques. How to prepare for NDA Exam?


  • Make a study plan smartly.
  • Clear the basic concept by using NCERT.
  • Revise previous years question papers.

Ques. Is there any “Gurukul” school in Dehradun?

Ans: One of the best boarding school following “ Gurukul Pattern” in ‘The Royal College’ Dehradun. Here, children are groomed with all modern educational facilities but strictly maintaining the ‘Gurukul Values’ and ‘Indian Ethics’ for their mental and spiritual development.

Ques. Which is the number 1 boarding school with affordable fee in Dehradun?

Ans: Top boarding school with affordable fee structure is “The Royal College” dehradun. It is accredited Grade A by CBSE for Best Board Results.